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Grandmaster Browning's 52nd year of Martial Arts!! 

Trainers Elite is one of the finest Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the nation.  Located in Carrollton, TX, just outside of Dallas, we have a 20 foot octagon cage, heavy bags, muay thai bags and plenty of mat space (Zebra MMA mats) for training and working out and elite coaching & training tools.  Trainers Elite was founded in 1982 by Grandmaster Ron Van Browning.  GM Browning established his Accelerated Fighting System to provide students the ability and knowledge to learn Mixed Martial Arts and true self-defense skills and become a well rounded martial artist in a short period of time without watering down the arts.  Grandmaster Browning has toured the world giving seminars with other Grandmasters and the World's Elite Mixed Martial Artists.

There is a reason private education holds such a high value.  Trainers Elite specializes in Private & small group training.  Our instructors are hands on with every student emphasizing proper technique, application and execution to enable the student to effectively use their skills.  Everything we teach is based on self-defense.


Trainers Elite Accelerated Fighting System
Real Mixed Martial Arts from teens to 'mature' adults, novice to pro, fighter to executive to housewife.  Group & Private lessons available.
Trainers Elite Accelerated Fighting System, founded by Grandmaster Ron Van Browning is composed of the arts of Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, San Soo & Modern Arnis along with a blend of many other arts such as Judo, Sambo, Wrestling . . .'All is one and one is all.'
Our MMA programs fits those looking for skills, real-life self-defense to preparing for competition. 


Juniors Mixed Martial Arts - Boxing, Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu, Self-Defense - Bully Proof Your Kids!

Juniors 6-13 learn self-defense through stand up Boxing & Muay Thai kickboxing skills along with ground skills of Jiu-Jistu, Wrestling and self-defense of bullying.  Many Juniors have the opportunity for private education because the general public does not have the tools, education and resources to adequately prepare our children for their future. Trainers Elite provides private training to Juniors ages 7-13 and under. Trainers Elite's Mixed Martial Arts program includes Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, San Soo, Modern Arnis, conditioning, discipline, confidence and Self-Defense.Private training is available to those younger. We don't play games with your child's future and we don't babysit them into adolescence. We prepare your children for a healthy and safe future.
We also offer private training for all ages, including those under 6 who are ready. 


Executive Boxing Club

Box like the pros without the fight!  Train like the professionals while learning proper punching & defending techniques, pro set boxing combinations, defense and getting in great shape using the same conditioning a profighter does! Punch off the pounds & relieve your stress! From novice to pro, all levels welcome. All of our Boxers learn how to pad and teach back - they become coaches without even knowing it!
15 Rounds to Fitness through the Sweet Science of Boxing!


A.B.S. Total Fitness Muay Thai Kickboxing

Get in great shape from head to toe while gaining real skills in Boxing hands and Muay Thai kicking, knees & elbows. Strengthen and tone with our conditioning drills and ab work with handweights, jump rope, ladders, plyometrics, medicine balls & resistance bands. Have a blast kicking off the pounds!
There's a reason why fighters are in fantastic shape - you can be too, without the fighting consequences. 


Trainers Elite specializes in Private & Small Group Training tailored to your needs! 

Scheduled according to availability.

Your referrals can earn you FREE training!


Trainers Elite Accelerated Fighting System was founded by Grandmaster (GM) Browning in 1982 in California, moved to Dallas, TX then to Madison, WI and has since returned to Dallas, TX.  GM Browning has trained thousands of students over his 50 years of teaching & training martial arts.  Only 52 of these students have earned a Black Belt from GM Browning in his Accelerated Fighting System of 5 different base arts.

GM Browning will instruct you on skills that are practical, simple and effective.  Everything we teach is based on self-defense - The Ultimate In Self-Protection - from stand-up to ground.

Trainers Elite is for the novice to pro, under 13 years for our Juniors program and 14 and up for our adult program.  Train with the best, the most effective, the most experienced and the most practical.

Trainers Elite is a registered trademark; founded in 1982 by Grandmaster Ron Van Browning.  Trainers Elite is operated in Carrollton, TX & has no other associated gym locations under the Trainers Elite name.  Anyone using the name Trainers Elite, in its whole or amended name, is in violation of state and Federal use and will be punished to the fullest extent under all applicable State and Federal laws. 

Trainers Elite
2659 E Beltline Road
Carrollton, TX 75006
972 387-8500

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